Credit Card Consolidation Is Key

The amount of money that many people in our culture spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is absolutely out of control. As a financial advisor, I see far too many people and families that are completely burdened down by excessive debt. I can hardly believe my eyes and ears sometimes as I sit down with a new client to get an accurate picture of their current financial state. I have a hard time swallowing the fact that people are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Most people want help, but few are proactive and committed enough to really make changes. Credit card consolidation is one of the first suggestions I make to most clients. It might seem strange to name credit card consolidation as a top priority over even budgeting or savings. I used to agree. But the past fifteen years have served to convince me that one of the biggest problems our country faces economically, without question, is posessing excessive amounts of credit cards. And that, dear reader, is precisely where credit card consolidation comes into the picture. Basically, credit card consolidation is the work of getting rid of excessive amounts of credit cards and thereby not only consolidating debt (also a great idea), but also removing opportunities for future excessive spending and helping to force those who love to spend into a budget for normal living. The thing I have found with many clients is that the more credit cards they have available, the more money they will freely spend even if they don’t have it. Know anyone like that? I am not, by any means, suggesting that mere credit card consolidation is the only solution to our national or personal money and debt situation. I am only suggesting that we would do well to limit our spending options if we cannot be self controlled enough to limit our spending on our own. So perhaps a good first step for those who love to spend is to use the credit card consolidation method and get rid of as many means of temptation as possible. Talk with a financial advisor about the benefits of credit card consolidation if you are not convinced. You can consolidate the current debt from all of your credit cards and you can go down to only owning and therefore only using one or two credit cards for the rest of your life. So take back your financial situation by getting some advice and by making financial freedom possible for your future. Credit Card Consolidation Is Key

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・ Credit Card Consolidation Is Key

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