Credit Card Interest Rates – Destroyer Of Finances

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Interest kills your finances. Especially on credit cards. Did you realize that paying the minimum payment on your credit cards just builds a deeper and deeper hole for you? I have a wonderful strategy for those of you who have credit card debt on more than one card. Take out your credit card statements and write down the interest rate and the balance of each. For example, lets say you have three credit cards that have interest/balance as listed. Card#1 13.9% with a balance of $555.00 Card#2 17.9% with a balance of $486.00 Card#3 19.9% with a balance of $322.00 Note that card #3 carries a higher interest rate than #1 or #2. In fact, Card #3 would cost you more than 40% more in interest dollars over a period of a year if they had the same balance! Do you understand what I am saying here? The plan to eliminate is easy. Pay the minimum balance due on the lower rate cards (in this case Card#1 and #2) and pay as much as you can afford to pay on Card#3. (For example, you are paying minimum payments of $15.00 on Card#1 and #2 and you can pay $100, $150, $200 whatever you can afford to pay. Make it hurt a little. Continue paying this way until Card#3 is paid off. Cut it up and throw it away. You dont want a higher interest card do you? Now, apply the same strategy to Cards#1 and #2. Card#2 is the next highest rate (actually 25% higher in interest than Card#!). Pay the minimum payment on #1 and pay the same payment you were making for Card#3 plus the minimum payment you were making on Card#2. You have already seen you can get by without the minimum payment. Do it! Continue until Card#2 is paid off. Now, follow the same routine until Card#1 is paid off. I promise you will feel good about yourself. You will save money that you didnt even realize you were spending before. If you have followed this far, realize you can do the same thing with your hoousehold loans such as your mortgage and car loans. Many car loans have higher interest rates and can be paid down much quicker in this manner. Remember, start with the highest interest rates and when your way down. Good luck! Credit Card Interest Rates – Destroyer Of Finances

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・ Credit Card Interest Rates – Destroyer Of Finances

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