Is A Prepaid Credit Card Right For You?

Some people I know have trouble sticking to their budget in a variety of areas. Other people have trouble even making a budget that is realistic for their lifestyle. One of the biggest spending problems that people in today’s world face is having the self-control and discipline to limit their use of the credit card. If you are one of these people that creates a bill larger than life with your credit card each month, consider seriously using a prepaid credit card. Using a prepaid credit card is a beautiful thing. Very simply, a prepaid credit card is one that you make a payment on before you spend money. However much you put onto your prepaid credit card becomes your spending limit. A deposit of one hundred dollars onto your prepaid credit card will limit your spending to that amount. Sound restricting? In some senses, having a prepaid credit card instead of a regular credit card is restricting. You can no longer go out and spend money on anything and everything that catches your eye. Careful consideration must be given to each purchase because of the limit that your prepaid credit card imposes on you. In that way, a prepaid credit card is absolutely a restriction on your spending. On the other hand, a prepaid credit card gives you great freedom. A prepaid credit card gives you the freedom to clearly set your own spending boundaries and to enjoy shoppping within those boundaries. For anyone who has ever gotten in trouble by spending too much, a prepaid credit card can be your ticket to enjoyable and risk free shopping. It can be very freeing to know that you can spend a certain amount of money and not have any consequences to deal with later. A prepaid credit card makes shopping fun and enjoyable because you know that you have already paid the bill. Still not convinced? I challenge you to try exchanging your regular credit cards for a prepaid credit card for the next six months. Sit down and create a budget for yourself. If you need help creating a reasonable budget, get some. Having financial freedom is worth any amount of initial work it might be. Once your budget is created, put the designated amount of money on your prepaid credit card. Then shop away, knowing that each of the purchases you make is within the boundaries that you have established for yourself. I guarentee that after six months of this kind of restriction you will be more free with your money than you’ve ever been. Trust me. Get a prepaid credit card today. Is A Prepaid Credit Card Right For You?

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・ Is A Prepaid Credit Card Right For You?

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