Discover Credit Cards: Apskatīt tops 3

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Although Visa and MasterCard might be the forerunners of the credit card industry, Discover card has been increasing in popularity over the last decade or so. Except for student credit cards, most Discover cards have a comparatively low APR, and they never have an annual fee. They have also been commended for customer service and for fraud prevention. Ar vairāk nekā 50 million cardholders and more than 4 million merchant locations, Discover is proving their critics wrong. When they first opened in the early 90s, their competition scoffed and it didnt look as though they would make it in the credit card industry. They were hoping to brand a new trend in credit cards, and they have succeeded after years of marketing and communication. Here are three popular Discover credit cards: The Miles Card from Discover Card The Miles Card is one of the most versatile frequent flier credit cards in that it allows you to earn miles as well as gift certificates or cash back. Customers earn one mile for every dollar spent, and can choose how they want to redeem their points. Discover recently increased the bonus miles card holders can earn with the Miles Card to 12,000. On both purchases and balance transfers, the introductory rate is 0%. There are no blackout dates and miles can be redeemed both online and over the phone. turklāt, you can redeem your points for flights on any airline. Discover might not offer some of the fringe benefits that accompany Visa and MasterCard credit cards, but they make up for it in rewards. Discover Platinum Gas Card With gas prices rising nearly every day, many consumers are turning to gas rebate cards to offset the amount theyre spending at the pump. Gas rebate cards, such as the Discover Platinum Gas Card, offer cash back rewards for every dollar you spend at gas stations. The Discover gas rebate card is singularly unique because of its double-reward program. Parasti, customers earn 5% cash back on all purchases at gas stations, but if you redeem your cash back rewards with select merchants, you receive double the original amount. Discover offers a 0% introductory APR of 0%, which applies to both purchases and balance transfers. Customers also enjoy 0% fraud liability and free online Bill Pay. This card does require excellent credit, Tomēr, and they do have a minimum spending limit to receive the full 5% naudas atpakaļ. This card has a $50,000 kredīta limits. Discover Gold Card The Discover Gold card is one of the oldest Discover credit cards, and is still popular today. Like the platinum card, the Gold card allows customers to earn up to 5% cash back on purchases at select merchants and the cash back doubles if used within the Discover Merchant Network. Customers can choose between three unique card faces and enjoy 0% fraud liability. Stores within the Discover Merchant Network include Red Lobster, Sharper Image and the Sunglass Hut. As with most Discover cards, nav 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for the Gold card. The Gold card requires a good credit rating and there is a minimum spending limit in order to receive the full 5% naudu atpakaļ atlīdzības. The card offers up to $25,000 in auto rental insurance coverage and up to $500,000 in travel accidental death insurance. Discover Card is the newest credit card company, but it is growing in popularity as they continue to offer excellent customer service and valuable rewards programs. Take a look at our top three Discover cards and choose the one that works for you. Discover Credit Cards: Apskatīt tops 3

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・ Discover Credit Cards: Apskatīt tops 3

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