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In the United Kingdom, the credit card phenomenon is not at all different from what the United States or any other country has for that matter. This just goes to show that a lot of people are finding credit cards as feasible means as well. However, most people in UK would rather obtain the best credit card there is than to suffer at a later stage. And so, getting the best UK credit card is very significant for most English people. In most instances, the best credit cards would usually mean low interest rates, offers rewards, and excellent introductory rates. But then, it is really important for every UK consumer to shop around for the best credit card deal. And so, here are some of the best UK credit cards: 1. Virgin credit cards The very best feature of Virgin credit card is that it allows their consumers to prefer which features they would want to have on their credit cards. That means they could have the chance of getting a 0% balance transfer rate for 9 months, a fixed annual percentage rate of 15.9%, plus more rewards every time the credit card holder uses the card. Whats more, people get to choose their very own creative Virgin card motif making it way above the rest. Virgin credit card also offers great flexibility. 2. The Marbles credit card This UK credit card is considered nowadays as the card with the best value and has a high orientation on customer service. They have a 24 hour customer service hotline. Plus, they also provide a regular monthly statement through online announcements. It also has 0% stable balance transfer rate for 6 months from the start the account has been opened. 3. Morgan Stanley Credit Card This is considered as one of the best UK credit cards because it has 0% introductory rates for balance transfers good for 6 months. It also offers a fixed rate of 14.9%, and their 1% cashback is considered as one of the highest available in the UK market today. 4. The egg credit card In UK, egg credit card is considered as one of the best credit card in the industry today. It also offers 0% introductory offer not only for balance transfers but also for ordinary purchases, and that is available all through out the 6-month period. Their annual percentage rate is also set to a standard rate of 14.9%. With all these 0% introductory rates, low APRs, and everything, these credit cards are definitely the best UK credit cards in the market today. Hence, for most UK consumers, shopping had never been this better. Reap More, Save More With The Best UK Credit Card

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・ Reap More, Save More With The Best UK Credit Card

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