The Pros And Cons Of Using Credit Cards

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Majority of Americans are living and surviving beyond their means, thanks to the credit privileges offered by credit cards. Research shows that the ordinary American family owns at least three credit cards. It can be safely said that majority of the American people today are deep in debt. It is easy to get a credit card in the United States provided you have a good credit rating. Credit card companies have developed very good marketing strategies by sending credit card application forms to every family and enticing them with freebies if they get a card. Any person would say that credit cards are a boon because they can rely on the good old plastics whenever they want to buy something and they do not have the cash for it. However, the problem comes during paying time and they do not have the money to pay for their credit cards. When this happens, the principal amount loaned would increase depending on the agreed interest rates. Sometimes, the credit card companies can already get back the principal amount loaned just by the amount of interest they are asking credit card owners to pay. The best advice to give any person is not to get any credit card at all and to shop using cash. This way you are assured that you have the money to pay for what you want and you do not place yourself under the mercy of credit card companies. However, owning a credit card is also a must in some States because it is the preferred payment scheme by most establishments. There are establishments that are only accepting credit card payments. If owning and using a credit card could not be helped, then the user should be wary and should be careful of how to use such credit card. Credit cards should ideally be used only for emergency purposes such as when the establishment does not accept cash or when you have to make emergency purchases or payments and you really do not have the money to pay for them. Medical and food expenses fit the list of emergency expenses that can be paid via credit cards. Do not use your credit cards for the purpose of buying clothes and other luxury items that are not really within your budget and are not a necessity. Sometimes people rely on plastic to buy thing that they do not really need and this puts them in a compromising situation when paying time comes. Before getting a credit card, make sure you know how to use it and where to get extra money to pay for the credit car debt. Or else, you may be faced with legal problems later on which you will surely regret. The Pros And Cons Of Using Credit Cards

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・ The Pros And Cons Of Using Credit Cards

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