What to do when you loose your credit card?

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There had been a huge rise in the use of credit cards because of the fact that instead of paying cash people find it easier to use a plastic card to charge. At the same time credit card provide you the convenience and security to carry lot of cash and also you dont need to leave home while you go out to shop. Sometimes it happens that you loose your credit card that contains cash that is likely for you to get in most of the cases whereas if you had a credit card that you find missing you can easily launch report for it. You need to act wisely to get out of this trouble before anyone finds your credit card information and misuse it. The following tips shall help you as such: 1. You should cancel your credit card as soon as possible because the sooner you cancel, the less are the chances of anyone misusing it. You should also keep your credit card company numbers at number of locations so that you can ring the company even if your wallet is stolen. 2. Its not necessary that you review your statements in case your credit card is stolen but you should review it on regular basis because if someone gets hold of your credit card number he can purchase things on your behalf and you will be the ultimate payer. If you find anything suspicious you should contact your card issuer immediately. 3. You have to be careful with any paperwork that is related to your credit card and should keep it at safe and secure place. If you throw out old statements make sure that you dispose them properly and the best way is to shred the bank information so that people dont get your account information. 4. You have to be much careful with your PIN number because if you have a secure pin number the person who gets your card wont be able to use it. Never writer down your pin number at any unsafe piece of paper or dont make the mistake of giving it to your relatives and friends. 5. Get your credit card insured that is going to be the best way you can insure the recovery of any loss if your card is stolen. If you are using an independent company then you can register all your cards with them so that you can report multiple losses at once. 6. Make a habit to carry only what is necessary for you as such dont carry all your credit cards when you go out for shopping. This way you wont have to worry for all cards that could be stolen. Lastly dont panic if your card is stolen instead remain calm and follow these steps then you can get a new card in around a week. For further details, visit our recommended website What to do when you loose your credit card?

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・ What to do when you loose your credit card?

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